In 2016, I created touchpoint, a town hall about sex and partnership.  It's an entertaining, interactive storytelling experience where more than a hundred people gather to share ideas and experiences around taboo topics such as BDSM, STIs, contraception, polyamory, masturbation, and more.  So far, ~3,000 people have attended Touchpoint in New York City, and we publish original content on a weekly basis for 30,000+ subscribers.

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The Art of Introducing Yourself


Since 2012, I have told the stories of more than 4,000 artists, activists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives through my unique brand of short-form video portraiture.  My videos have been collectively viewed and shared millions of times.

The Art of Introducing Yourself is a 60-minute workshop for companies and conferences, as well as handmade video portraits for people who want to share their stories in the a fresh, intimate way.